Our Clients Say

"Joni Baker is the best PR person I have ever worked with. She is so sweet and friendly, but also a real "go- getter!" I was recently at a three-day convention where she scheduled both radio and TV interviews for me. My schedule was packed! She has many connections and continually updated me on my interviews. She stayed on top of everything and made sure I knew where I needed to be when. I highly recommend Joni and hope many others have the opportunity to work with her."

 --Crystal Bowman, best-selling children's author, Florida

When... you write a book

Whether you are a first-time author or a much-published author, you understand that writing your book and getting it published is just the first part of your task in getting your book in the hands of your readers. Marketing, it's been said, becomes your new full-time job.

That is, unless you opt to employ experts who work extensively with the media appropriate to your topic and who are familiar with the other avenues best suited for marketing your book.

Buoyancy has worked with authors of business and specialty books, and has special expertise to offer Christian authors because of its extensive experience working with Christian media, bookstores, and book bloggers. Buoyancy has special tools expressly developed for Christian authors and can help you with some or all of your marketing.