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Why Buoyancy PR?

Buoyancy PR will become your champion and partner with you to shape your message and create the words that capture the essence of your passion, then walk alongside you to share that story with those you want to reach.

Although the firm includes other dedicated associates and experts, when you work with Buoyancy, you get the focused attention of managing director Joni Sullivan Baker, an experienced professional who combines expertise with personal warmth and loyalty to you that extends long past your work together.

Joni has more than 25 years of experience in corporate public relations, corporate philanthropy and marketing in industries ranging from department store retailing to insurance, international oil servicing and publishing. Her experience includes a range of PR specialties, including media relations, marketing communications, writing and publication editing, trade shows and book marketing.

She launched Buoyancy PR in 2006 and for the past decade has focused on working with Christian authors.

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Buoyancy specializes in working with Christian authors representing genres ranging from nonfiction and memoir to fiction, young adult fiction, and children’s books.


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