Welcome to the Buoyancy Blog

When the new Buoyancy PR website launched last November 2020, it did not include a blog. 

But in January 2021, I started writing weekly missives, mostly about the Christian retail industry and the Author Journey, offering my thoughts and tips aimed at supporting Christian authors and business people.

It finally dawned on me I could share selections from those weekly notes on my website, so I’m launching this blog that will start with some of the earlier notes, and then be updated each week, generally with that week’s note, but sometimes with other previous ones. 

Depending on when you are reading this it may or may not be obvious that I’m really not writing this on April 1. I am backdating the blog as I get started, but with transparency, so April 1 seemed the perfect date to choose for the first post.  

[The April Fools part is only the date…the rest is true!]

Thanks for joining me here. 

Joni Sullivan Baker