Busy, Buzzy NRB in Nashville

It was busy, buzzy, never quiet long at the Buoyancy PR booth at NRB last week. It was the busiest and highest energy NRB I can remember experiencing.

Our four booth authors each had a book signing and then also an author Meet and Greet time at our booth where they met more people, and signed and gave away more books. (Pictured above: Hollylu Jostes signing books in the Buoyancy booth.) In between, they had interviews, editorial meetings, met other media folks. Other amazing outcomes included one author whose book will be the featured book for a month for one media ministry, another who was invited to begin serving as a regular expert on a radio show, one who received an invitation to speak at an event, and a fourth whose topic brought a steady stream of interested people to the book signing and other times in the booth.

Yesterday NRB officially reported attendance of almost 5,000 people at this year’s show, more than a 15% increase over 2023 numbers. And I don’t even think much of that had to do with the celebrity speaker at a
non-partisan NRB event held Thursday night when former President Donald Trump spoke.

A week ago today while it wound down, there were still thousands of us at Opryland in Nashville, in an atmosphere that was still busy as the expo floor closed in the late afternoon. Some folks were staying for a final evening gala event, while others like the Buoyancy team were packing up our booth after saying goodbye to the authors we were blessed to assist.

In the past week, we have been gathering notes and starting follow up, starting to gather data on totals of interviews garnered, new opportunities discovered, contacts made, and beginning to schedule the additional interviews offered.

NRB may be over now, but the busy aftereffects continue.

Originally sent as an email to the Buoyancy community on March 1, 2024
Joni Sullivan Baker
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