Varied Approaches to Promotion

It’s a joy to work with authors and to celebrate the wide variety of approaches and ideas they employ to tell people about their books.

In this Buoyancy community, it’s important to us to support authors and encourage them to learn from each other. And, possibly let the examples of others serve as a bit of nudge when someone suggests something to you to try but it’s a bit uncomfortable and outside your comfort zone.

For your consideration today, meet three authors with whom I’ve been interacting recently in one way or another in the same week. See if their personal approaches spark any new ideas for you in promoting your book, business or cause.

Author C for Committee has a team. Early on she surrounded herself with a group of friends and loved ones who believe in her and her books, and saw beyond the first book, a memoir, to the ministry that has resulted. The mostly-volunteer team helps her plan and dream, handles her photography, website and social media, and provides some practical legwork with obtaining reviews and speaking engagements. Her recently-released third book will soon have a study guide to accompany it, as well as coordinate with the teaching sessions already on You Tube. Her team uplifts and supports her.

Author B for Bold is a young college professor whose first academic book recently released in paperback. He’s going to be attending a small conference held on the campus where he teaches so he obtained permission and a room to host a book launch celebration during one of the coffee breaks at the conference. He’s also asked for and obtained permission to put a flyer about the book and the event in the packet each conference attendee will receive. He expected a yes when he was bold enough to ask for this cooperation, but he received it. He’s quite comfortable sharing his excitement with his peers.

Author A for Adventurer is secure in her knowledge of herself and confident of her abilities. While she declares she’s not a joiner of groups nor really even comfortable following up with those friends who said they’d write a review and haven’t, she is willing to hit the road and set up a series of book signings and speaking events across a couple of states. She’s passionate about her topic and has past experience presenting as a teacher and businessperson, so she’s looking forward to speaking for groups and sharing with new people in new places.

None of these people think of themselves as extraordinary, but I admire all of them as they each courageously find ways to share with others about their book.

Feeling a nudge?

Originally sent as an email to the Buoyancy community on April 1, 2022.
Joni Sullivan Baker
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