So How Was CPE?

In August, 2021 the Christian retail industry gathered in the St. Louis area for the Christian Product Expo, sponsored by the Christian Retail Association, the industry’s trade organization. According to event organizers, while the numbers weren’t quite yet back to the enthusiastic participation levels pre-Covid in August of 2019, they were close.

Buoyancy PR and a total of six of its authors (L to R: Don Gladden, Heather Carter, Aquila Dhu, JoAnn Vicknair and Bill Combs) were represented at CPE. Three authors chose to be showcased in the first-ever Buoyancy PR booth at CPE, which gave them extra opportunities to share their books with book retailers at the expo.

Three additional Buoyancy PR authors also attended the event, and all six participated in a large group book signing event, met retailers and other industry professionals (including other authors) plus had the opportunity to attend author training sessions and worship.

And the Buoyancy authors enthusiastically report feeing encouraged and aware of God’s presence.
Here’s what the authors said:

“I knew that the expo would be a great time to share my book with retailers, but I did not anticipate what a blessing it would be to connect with other authors. Hearing each other’s stories unifies; it help us know that we’re all in this together.”

–Heather Carter, author of the Soul-Selfies series

 “A positive experience. Meeting other authors and hearing their stories was encouraging. I talked to as many bookstore owners as I could. With follow-up, I should be able to arrange at least five in-store book signings.”

–Don Gladden, author of Oblivion’s Reach

“First thought: God in action, He’s alive! Everyone there has a testimony of ‘God Spoke…God showed me…or God healed and wants others to know.’ Also much talk of natural disasters and current events – I believe His coming is near!”

–JoAnn Vicknair, author of It’s Storytime, Memaw

“Judy and I met so many wonderful Christian people! CPE was a great networking experience! Thanks.

–Bill Combs, author of Back to the Garden

“Saw God turn many discussions from ‘about a book’ to ‘about life and God’s truth.’ His spirit was moving powerfully!”

–Dr. Mark Johnson, author of The Covenant Series

Originally sent as an email to the Buoyancy community on August 20, 2021
Joni Sullivan Baker
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