Vacation Sights: Discover a New Christian Bookstore

It’s summer. Do you have plans to get away?

We’re having vacation time in the Buoyancy PR shop, and my husband and I are taking off for a driving adventure.

One of the joys of a drive down an unknown road, whether in the city or the country, is making new discoveries, of a beautiful vista, a cute little town, or even new places to shop or eat.

But you don’t have to be on vacation to experience new things.

Some of you may remember that I relocated a couple of years ago and quite often I’m still on new roads.

A few months ago while in Knoxville, I decided to drive an unfamiliar road and was delighted to discover a gorgeous, large Christian bookstore.

I was so intrigued, and made a point of visiting just as soon as I could.

I’ve written here before about Christian bookstores and their important role in their regions, supporting their church customers and the larger Christian community.

I’m happy to report the welcome I get when I visit these stores and explain I am just interested in them, and I also try to buy something when I visit a store. I’m always asking of course, also, if they do author events and welcome book signings or other activities. It’s often an opportunity to learn about what’s working and not working for these hard-working stores, seeking to survive by differentiating themselves from secular or online merchants.

So, whether you are on unknown roads on a routine day or while on vacation, if you are an author or interested in the Christian retail industry, be on the lookout for those Christian stores, or stores that include a section of Christian products, and support them. It will help you and help them.

Another way to learn about Christian bookstores, of course, is by attending the upcoming Christian Product Expo, CPE, in Fort Wayne, Indiana from August 4-6. We’ll be there supporting author clients and would love to chat if you want to know more about how we might also support you.

And if you happen to get to Knoxville, be sure to look for Cedar Springs Christian Store on Peters Road, a store that has been serving the Christian community in Knoxville for more than 40 years.

Originally sent as an email to the Buoyancy community on May 31, 2024
Joni Sullivan Baker
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